Two important medals for the wonderfullwinery of Maremma: bronze for Le Gessaie and silver for Sassi Dautore

The 16th edition of the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA), the world’s largest wine competition, organized by the prestigious magazine Decanter, has just ended. The wines were judged by the most authoritative experts and wine business professionals and the DWWAs that are internationally recognized for the reliability of their rigorous tasting and selection process.
The agricultural company wins two medals for the 2017 vintage: a bronze for Vermentino Le Gessaie and a silver for Sangiovese Sassi Dautore. The grapes that give life to these two excellent oenological products are born on the hills of Montabamboli: thanks to the composition of the soil particularly rich in silicon, clay and mineral salts both vermentino and sangiovese are characterized by intense aromas and pleasant aromas. Moreover, in this corner of Maremma, the presence of sea breezes, combined with the lack of spring rainfall give the grapes a perfect maturation and consequently to the wines an unmistakable qualitative note.
For Le Sode di Sant’Angelo these are two important awards that have even more value in relation to the 2017 vintage, difficult and complicated because of the climatic adversities and the drought that characterized the entire period of maturation of the grapes.
Despite the difficulties, the Maremma’s company try to get the best even in such a complex harvest. The DWWA 2019 medals confirm the excellent results and permeate the perseverance and passion of the Tuscan winery.

The Vermentino Le Gessaie, DWWA 2019 bronze medal, is unique for its finesse and its aromatic complexity. Not just a simple wine, but an elegant product ready to give the nose distinct hints of yellow peach and exotic fruit with its intense and enveloping taste. Vinified in steel and followed by a long aging “sur lies” it is great fish dishes. Its freshness and intensity make it suitable for the multiple sensitivities of each consumer, proving itself capable of satisfying any expectation, keeping each of those promises that can be seen through its luminous straw color. Loaded with innumerable potentialities, comparable only to those of the Tuscan land which gave birth to them.

The Sangiovese Sassi Dautore, DWWA 2019 silver medal, is born from a perfect harmony between soil, climate and sea breezes. Produced from grapes carefully selected in the vineyard, consisting of 85% Sangiovese grapes and 15% Alicante grapes, brought to perfect maturation thanks to the soil particularly rich in mineral salts and the constant presence of the sea.

A complete sensory experience is revealed due to the intensity of the aromas and the pleasantness of the taste structure. On an organoleptic level, it presents itself with a ruby ​​color with strong violet reflections.

The contrast between the fresh scent of ripe red fruits and hints of spice makes it such as an Olympus Tuscan Wine.