From the 6th to the 8th of October, Luca Purgatorio and his staff will participate in “Corciano Castello di Vino”, the event arranged in the name of the promotion of this Umbrian village

After the big success of the previous editions, the event dedicated to the rediscovery of ancient winemaking traditions is coming back in one of the most beautiful villages of Italy.

The 7th edition of “Corciano Castello di Vino”, the event promoted by the association Corciano Castello di Vino and scheduled for the 6th, 7th and 8th of October 2017, will animate the medieval streets of this town through many initiatives, in the name of good wine and local foods. We are talking about an exceptional kermesse which, promoting the village of Corciano and sensitizing its citizens to respect and preserve its artistic patrimony, lists the participation of local and non local wineries.

Like Le Sode di Sant’Angelo, a Tuscan winery with an Umbrian heart which, being divided between Massa Marittima and Perugia, produces wines with an unmistakable character and an indisputable value. Being an old example of intersection between different winemaking traditions, the winery owned by Luca Purgatorio will be the protagonist of a really singular sensorial itinerary. A gustative path which will allow visitors to know and appreciate wines produced by many cellars, located in dedicated spaces arranged by the wineries in the streets of the village.

As other wineries, in fact, Le Sode di Sant’Angelo will indipendently organise and manage its own space, giving visitors the opportunity to taste and enjoy the unicity of its wines. Those are exquisitely variegated wines with original labels, which are the result of a work that shows a limitless passion and a very rare taste for what is really beautiful.

Come to discover the tasty art of Le Sode di Sant’Angelo and abandon yourself to a overwhelming multisensorial experience.