The company

It was 2001 when the passion for wine, together with the desire to return to the land, moved Luca Purgatorio to identify the ideal place to plant and breed vines of the highest quality: he finds it right in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, at the end of a winding road through dense woods, placed almost to protect the treasure he is looking for… It was love at first sight!

The beginnings

On a hillock overlooking the Gulf of Follonica, there were 40 hectares of land in the wild, enveloped by a particular atmosphere that stimulated his imagination as he observed that uncultivated, harsh and barren field that would later become a selected vineyard.

Under a centuries-old oak, in a point from which you can see the sea, inebriated by the essences of the Mediterranean scrub, in the pristine silence of that magical place, it was there that Luca began to design the winery he had in mind.

Almost twenty years later, the Cantina Vitivinicola Le Sode di Sant’Angelo is a firmly established reality that instills emotions: those due to the excellence of the wines that can be tasted there, but also those reflected by the passion with which all of us we work on it and welcome our guests and finally those aroused by the infinity, beauty and variety of the surrounding landscape. Not to mention the subtle charm that emanates from its history.