Le Sode di Sant'Angelo

Le Gessaie


Vermentino Le Gessaie born in an enchanted land where sea and sun seem to sing an ode to nature in its most mature and wise form; it is unique in its finesse, combined with a great aromatic bouquet.
It is not just a simple wine, but also an elegant product with clear hints of peach and tropical fruit to satisfy the nose, and an intense and enveloping flavour to delight the palate.
It is vinified in stainless steel, followed by a long “sur lies” refining period which makes this wine particularly suitable for accompanying great seafood dishes.
Its freshness and intensity make it great choice for every wine drinker’s tastes, proving it can meet all expectations, keeping every one of those promises perceivable through its bright straw colour.
This wine is full of endless potential, as only the Tuscan land can give.