Le Sode di Sant'Angelo

Vintage 2015: our first impressions

by our oenologist Maurilio Chioccia

Now that the fermentation is completed, we can say that the main grape varieties that characterise our production, predominantly Vermentino, are proving themselves with pleasant, fresh notes of citrus. The Sangiovese variety has matured more than a week earlier than traditional aging times this year. Its colour is more intense than last year and its tannic strength is bold and dense, along with a well-defined fruit.

It is still early to characterise the 2015 vintage. The wines are currently developing: we are performing the batonnage of the fine lees of our white – Le Gessaie -, while we are planning to start malolactic fermentation of our reds, – il Sassi Dautore e Dautore – which will take place in stainless steel for the first wine and in barriques for the second. In reality, we believe that a good wine starts with a great grape and our work in the wine cellar must be simply to respect and preserve what Mother Nature gives us.

We do not apply unimaginable techniques, but tradition updated with new technology. We ferment our whites at strictly 12-14 degrees and the reds between 20-25 degrees, which allows us to extract a softer tannin, with no vegetal aroma. During the fermentation of the reds, in the early days we try to remove as many seeds as possible, and the maceration processes are not excessively long, 10/12 days for Sassi Dautore and 15 days for Dautore. The harvesting is done strictly by hand, leaving us intact fruit to work with, so everything becomes easier.

We do not use wood for the Vermentino Le Gessaie, so the fermentation and aging take place in steel vats; the Sangiovese Sassi Dautore, on the other hand, is aged in steel for 70% and in wood for the remaining 30%, for three months. Dautore is aged in wood for 12 months.