Le Sode di Sant'Angelo

Between Legend and Reality

“Times were difficult in Maremma then: between war and famine, the only source of people’s livelihood was produce grown with difficulty on a small scrap of land.
One autumn day, an old farmer who was working in the fields saw his plough get stuck in the hard ground. After numerous and desperate attempts to recover his tool, the man was exhausted from cold and fatigue, and surrendered himself to his sad fate, freeing the horse from its heavy burden and walking home with despair in his heart.
Suddenly a light brighter than the sun illuminated his path and in the distance he saw an almost human figure go over to his plough, bringing it back to the surface.
Afraid and incredulous, the man began to pray, thanking the angel from heaven that allowed him to complete his work.”
Le Sode di Sant’Angelo agricultural company is named after the legend that has been passed down for generations around the hills of Massa Marittima. It may not be a magical land and it may not be tended by an angel, but the area certainly produces excellent wine thanks to human intervention.